Manage your subscription reservation effectively

Manage your subscription reservation effectively

Start Date, Commitment Till Date, Reserved Till Date, Paid Till . . . . . 

So much information! We know it might get overwhelming! Read this through and you are all sorted.

How to use 'commitment date', 'reserved till date' and 'paid till date' to effectively manage a subscription with all contextual information right in front of you?

Commitment Till Date

Date up to which customer has commitment while buying a subscription. It is last date of commitment from start date, up to the duration of commitment.

Commitment is from both ends,
  1. customer promises to use the facility and pay rent till end of commitment period
  2. while venue manager promises availability of the office at the same monthly price till this date

Longer commitment benefits:
  1. Longer committed customers means venue managers do not need to find customers regularly, and hence they offer good discount for longer commitments.
  2. Longer commitment follows with price security for that duration. If you as a customer commit to a Venue for one year, you need not worry about price of that venue changing every month
  3. Also it means regular activity on SOP Hub portals for us. Isn't this a win-win-win? ;D

Commitment date is calculated as [Start Date] + [Duration of Commitment]

Reserved Till Date

Date up to which facility (seat/room)  are kept reserved. This feature was introduced so that customers who wish to continue with the same venue can easily do so. And their facility (seat/room) stay reserved and do not show in available facility (seat/room) for subscription or booking.

When a subscription is created, Reserved till date is set same as 'Committed Till Date'. Where the venue manager promises to the customer they can use the facility till their subscription gets over.

Add/Remove Extension

Venue Manager or Customer or SOP Hub can extend the subscription for 2 months. If extension is available, 'Add Extension' link will be shown besides 'Reserved Till Date'.  Final decision regarding extensions is up to discretion of the venue manager. 

When to use 'Add extension'? When a customer wishes to use the same venue and continue the relationship with the Venue Manager and SOP Hub.

Paid Till Date

Date up to which payment has been received by the Venue Manager from the Customer. Customer or venue manager needs to use 'renew' link to transfer 'one month total payable rent' from customers SOP Hub balance to Venue Manager. This will increase 'paid till' date by one calendar month.
Renewal can be done only one month at a time. And price cannot be changed on renwal. Price is fixed as promised to customer for duration of commitment
When subscription is made, paid till date is set to [Start Date] + [1 Month], since 1 months rent is already received during creation of a subscription.
Using this date venue manager can easily track the upcoming payment date and will have the accountability or records of the payment.
Please note that, just adding money to the balance is not enough to renew payment. Balance must be paid from customer balance to the venue manager using 'renew' link  
Example: If the customer purchased the subscription for 1 year, he can make the payment of 1 month with deposit amount. Customer will continue making the payment every end of the month (ie from "1st Jan to 31st Jan") by click renew button. Once customer click renew button payment will get deducted from the balance and date will extend for one more month. Paid till date will be 31st of every month. There will be 12 Paid till date (31st Jan, 31st Feb, 31st Mar and so on till 31st Dec).

Deactivate Subscription

  1. Subscription is active
  2. If reserved till date extension is added, it should be removed
End Result
  1. Subscription will be deactivated
  2. Reservation will be retained only upto the date where payment is done, ie. Paid Till Date
  3. Process Refund for deposit will be activated

Process Refund

Process refund is process of returning deposit money to customer's SOP Hub Balance.
Process refund option is available only to venue managers and amount to return to the customer is up to discretion of the customer
Deposit refund can be processed only after 1st day after end of subscription. 

We hope this was enough for working around any subscription, in case of any other query, please contact our 24x7 customer support at +919667679977 or