Subscription Explained

Subscription Explained

Can you see a subscription on your subscription page but do not understand what each term means. Read along to know more about each one.

Subscription ID : It is alphanumeric ID to identify the subscription. Use this ID to communicate regarding this subscription with everyone in SOP Hub ecosystem and SOP Hub Support. 

Billed Company : It is a tenant or company which purchase subscription for their members or employees.

Venue : Venue to which subscription is brought. For Example: V0204 - SOP Hub Baner. Venue is a complete office space solution at a particular location where we as a SOP hub provides co-working office spaces to our customer.

Facility : Facility ID and name of the facility for which subscription is brought. Facility is a set of seating or a particular room. Each has its own identity in terms of amenities, pricing structure, availability, etc.

Access Type : To identify for which week of days subscription is taken. Access type tells you which days of the week you are allowed to use the Venue and which shift (day or night).

Status : To check whether subscription is active or deactivate.

Unit Monthly price : Per unit rent to be paid per month, includes GST. 

Units : Number of seats subscribed. Default is 1 for a room. 

Total Monthly : Total rent to be paid per month, includes GST

Start Date : First day of subscription and usage of facility.

Duration : Venue manager can check the duration  of commitment ie: Monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Commitment Till : Last date of commitment from start date up to duration of commitment. Commitment is from both ends, customer promises to use the facility and pay rent till end of commitment period, while venue manager promises availability of the office at the same monthly price till this date.

Reserved Till : The seat/room will be reserved upto this date for this subscription.  Customer can extend date upto 2 months using 'add/remove extension' link if customer plan to renew the same subscription.
Extension will only guarantee availability of the facility and not pricing for new subscription
Paid Till :  Date up to which payment has been received by the Venue Manager from the customer. Customer or venue manager needs to use 'renew' link to transfer one month total payable rent from customer SOP Hub balance to Venue Manager. This will increase 'paid till' date by one calendar month.

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