What is company/tenant user profile? What is employee user profile?

What is company/tenant user profile? What is employee user profile?


Company user profile is a admin profile with all access to buying subscriptions, taking care of billings and payments on behalf of his company.
Even withdraw and deposit balance on behalf of the company.
Company Admin can be anyone who is responsible and delegated by authorized signatory of the company to perform business on SOP Hub portal on behalf of the company. For example :  Regional Head, Team Leader, Startup Founder, Directors, Company Partners, etc.
For freelancers, company profile will be created with only one employee which is the freelancer himself/herself. 
The tenant is the only person who has authority to take care of all these.
Tenants have access to entry/exit logs.


Employee user profile is a company's employee, users, members, vendors, freelancers, etc for whom subscriptions/bookings can be purchased.
Employee need not be an actual employee, he/she can be anyone who wishes to use SOP Hubs services at expense of the company.

Add company without any employee

You can add tenant company without any employee.
When you add any first person as a tenant, we will create his employee profile. That tenant will be considered as employee or member.

This is particularly usefull for freelancers, accountants, solo regional sales/service staff, one man companies, etc


Company Profile
Employee Profile
Can maintain and view passbook
Can buy and manage
Only assigned to an employee
Can buy and manage for everyone
Can buy for self
Entry/Exit Logs
Access for all employees
Access for self
Add Employees
Only Manager can add employee

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